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About us

For over 40 years, Michael J O'Keeffe has been honing his plumbing skills.

This is a crucial difference between us and other businesses. Michael knows how important it is to keep up with changes in the industry which is why he never stops gathering useful information that he brings to each and every job.

From time to time there are legislative changes and it's critical to keep up with these. Plus new and innovative products are being developed all the time which can ultimately save on water and electricity use and so save you money down the track.


Michael believes that a job has to be done right the first time or not at all. It's this approach he brings to every job no matter how small. It's this professionalism and attention to detail that sets him apart from the rest. And it's why he has been in business for so long. His regulars keep coming back because they trust he will do the best job for them and for the fairest price.


No matter what plumbing work you need done Michael offers the best customer service to all residential and commercial customers. Whether you need roofing work, a new hot water unit or drains cleared, we can help you out. For more about our services click here.


To speak with Michael call 9868 4554 or 0418 675 205.

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